Leesville,SCLidded Jar
                    My first studio in the Pond Branch Community near Leesville, SC. Converted from an old pole barn with recycled materials in 1979 after
                    successfully  completing an MFA program at USC in Columbia, SC. I mixed my clay in a horse trough and air dried to throwing consistency,
                    the pots were fired to cone 10 (high-fired stoneware) in a sprung-arch wood burning kiln. My work was moving from slip trailing and celadon
                    glazes to slip trailing on colored slips that were unglazed.

                   Green Mtn NCLipped Bowl

                   The second studio built in Green Mountain, NC in 1987. The kiln was moved and reassembled, it was fired with propane to cone 10.
                   I used a clay mixer to mix my own clay formula and a pugmill to wedge it before throwing it on the potter's wheel. I was accepted to exhibit
                   in the Southern Highland Craft Guild in 1989 and exhibit in the Guild Fairs and sell through their galleries. Unglazed ware was giving out
                   to celadons and glaze trailing on colored slips under celadons, and glaze trailing over celadons

                   Burnsville NCSmall Casserole

                  The present studio on Cane Branch Road was built in 1999. My clay and glazes are still prepared by myself according to my own formula
                  which has evolved over the years I have used them. The kiln has been moved and reassembled again, it is now fired to cone 9 with propane.
                  Now I am slip and glaze trailing on glazed and unglazed pots combining colored slips with celadons and applying slips and glazes with my
                  fingers to achieve muliple layers of varying colors.

Pond Branch Pottery
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